Solar Leasing Model Taking Off in New Jersey

When I talk to friends about investing in solar power, they love the idea but not the cost. Its true, even with rebates and incentives, the up front cost of solar can still be anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the size of the solar system. Fortunately for the state of New Jersey, more and more are beginning to offer third party ownership models to help ease the up front .

What is a third party ownership model? Its a complicated way of describing a lease program or any financing mechanism where the actual beneficiary of the solar system is not forced to come up with a large amount of money to enjoy the benefits of solar power. Fortunately, for New Jersey residents, more companies that specialize in this type of solar financing are serving the state.

Companies like Solmentum, Inc., a San Francisco solar-marketing company, just launched operations in Mount Laurel, New Jersey to target New Jersey homeowners who own homes that are ideal for solar. More importantly, Solmentum works with , who just opened a Philadelphia office. SunRun is one of the largest solar financing and leasing companies in the country….

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